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The number one cause of accidental death is preventable!

A coalition of government, schools, and parents say: Drownproof America!                                                                  2010-2016

NO ONE is Drownproof.

Even the most proficient swimmer needs to follow the principles of water safety. Once those principles are learned and observed water becomes a safe and joyful experience. We call this movement Drownproof America to capture your attention and to move you to take action. The number one cause of accidental death in children is preventable. Let’s take action together!

Drownproof America is a call for a non-competitive coalition including every person and city in America, Chambers of Commerce, Fire and Police Departments, School Districts, the American Red Cross, the California Association of Realtors, the PTA,  USA Swimming the ASCA and Swim America, YMCA’s and any other organization that cares about children.

Over 3,000 children drowned in America last year

Maybe even someone you know lost a child to drowning. It is preventable! Don’t wait, get on board -- sign up, sign up someone else, keep all the pools in your community open for teaching and training. Set up lessons in backyard pools; make it easier to build pools, etc. Get involved and not only save lives, but make those lives better!


The solution is a commitment... from each of us

A child is watersafe not when his fear of the water is gone, but when the family is educated and trained by experts. The good news?  Those experts are within reach. So are the facilities! Cities, schools, pre-schools, USA swim teams, high school teams, district and city governments working together can choose to commit to knowing the number of non-swimmers and to provide education for them RIGHT NOW.


Safe is when safety skills become family habits.

Just a small usually uncounted percentage of children were taught last year! We’ve got work to do. Please donate time and funds to get the job done-- to Drown-proof your family and to help others in the community you live in. It’s a year-long task and together we can do it!

Let’s count the number of families who have taken lessons and CPR and double, triple it, grow it until everyone can swim and save lives both by what our fire department calls “layers of protection” as well as the ability to rescue and perform CPR.



To make this happen we need to get all pools running at full lesson speed through the summer and through the year. Year-round school makes this even more possible. High schools and city facilities, often open only a few weeks a year, can also be utilized fully. Encouraging swim schools to open with zoning and business assistance to operate at capacity is also part of the solution.

Foundational for other activities and lifelong health.

Swimming is something people can do their entire lives. It’s good for the hearts and foundational to other sports. Let’s drownproof and also heart-attack proof America by giving our children this lifelong skill.

The number one cause of death of any kind among children in Riverside county is drowning. Let’s work together to drownproof our community. Get lessons and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.


Olympian Janet Evans with coach Steve Friederang and his wife Michelle and Michael helping Corona Aquatic Team Support Water Safety in our community.

What if: The school districts hired Steve and Michelle to help them schedule lessons in every high school pool all year and required every child at every school to pass a swimming safety test!

Places to learn to swim